Mulching Men

Mulching your garden gives it a great finishing touch while keeping weeds down, moisture in and providing warmth to the plant's roots in winter and cooling in summer.

Spring is just around the corner. It's time to call!

About Us

Mulching Men use quality products and provide prompt service.

Most jobs can be undertaken within the week.

We are fully insured to industry standards.

Our services


  • Lush Karri and Peat and all other types of “black mulch”
  • Enviro Mulch
  • Pinebark and woodchip
  • Pebbles and Rainbow stone etc
  • Organic garden mulch

Garden tidy ups:

  • Weeding, Pruning and Fertilising
  • Water-pressure cleaning
  • Rubbish removal

Pre-sale tidy ups:

  • Thinking of selling your house? Use us to get the outside ready for that “For Sale” sign

Retic repairs:

  • Including small installation jobs.

Free Quote

For a free quote call:

Mike Williams
0427 788 448